Welcome to our site! If you are a person experiencing homelessness, you have come to the right place. Our organization is a gateway to get you to where you need to be; we shall help you in whatever way needed and get you on the path back to a happier, healthier life. As a proven leader, and deeply rooted in the area, the Homeless Authority has collaborated and developed a continuum of services centered around child and family development, housing development, outreach, case management, education, training, literacy, employment, health and nutrition, transportation, and behavioral health services. The organization places over 80 employees in a variety of programs through 20 separate contracts. The annual budget for the organization is $3.1 million dollars, and the Continuum of Care serves over 4,000 individuals and families each year. So, if you need help, come down to our shelter and we will take care of you. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on, and we are more than happy to fulfill that role.

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Emergency Shelters

Grace House of UMI
50 bed emergency shelter designed to meet the needs of homeless men
Phone: 912-236-7423

Greenbriar Children’s Center
Provides shelter and other supportive services for homeless children/youth
Phone: 912-234-3431
Address: 3709 Hopkins St. Savannah GA 31405

Inner City Night Shelter
Provides emergency shelter for men and also the only shelter in Savannah that will take someone that is actively using. They also provide a meal service to anyone.
Phone: 912-232-4673
Address: 124 Arnold St. Savannah GA 31401

Magdalene Project of UMI
An emergency shelter designed to meet the needs of unaccompanied single women without children and families.
Phone: 912-236-7423

Families SAFE Shelter (Domestic Violence)
Provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence and a 24 hour crisis line. Offers individual counseling, support groups, referral services, legal advocacy, and preventive education.
Phone: 912-629-8888
Toll Free- 1-866-390-7233

The Salvation Army
Provides shelter, food and clothing for the area's homeless population
Phone: 912-651-7420
Address: 3100 Montgomery St. Savannah, GA 31403

Park Place Outreach
Provides shelter for Savannah's runaways.
Address: 11 West Park Ave. Savannah, GA 31401

J.C. Lewis Health Center
The JC Lewis Health Center is a collaborative effort with Memorial Medical Center, the Chatham County Health Department, the GA Department of Community Health, and the GA Department of Community Affairs. It is a 32 bed respite care facility providing inpatient care for homeless and at-risk people discharged from area hospitals, or identified as being to ill to reside in a homeless shelter.
Phone: 912-495-8887

Interfaith Hospitality Network
Provides shelter for homeless families.
Phone: 912-790-9446
Address: #24 East 41st St. Savannah, GA 31401

Transitional Shelters

Hope House of Savannah
Offers transitional shelter to single mothers and their children while assisting in developing independence and self sufficiency.
Phone: 912-236-5310
Address: 214 East 34th St. Savannah GA 31401

Phoenix I and II
The phoenix Project exists to address the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS, especially those who are homeless or without support systems. The Pheonix Project offers numerous on site services such as HIV primary health clinic, housing PLW H/A, and many supportive programs designed to promote independence and self-sufficiency.
Phone: 912-231-0123

Men’s Residential
Substance abuse treatment program for men offered through Recovery Place of Savannah. The program offers a sober living environment and a counseling center.
Recovery Place
Phone: 912-355-1440
Toll Free: 1-800-627-4010
Address: #835 East 65th St. Savannah GA 31405

TANF Residential
substance abuse treatment for women with children who are TANF recipients offered through Recovery Place of Savannah. The program offers supportive services for women and children.
Recovery Place
Phone: 912-355-1440
Toll Free: 1-800-627-4010
Address: #835 East 65th St. Savannah GA 31405

Hacienda of UMI
Transitional Housing program specifically designed for women in recovery of substance abuse.
Phone: 912-435-5151

Supportive Housing

Union Mission
Provides shelter for men, women and families; also provides health services. The Employment and Training Center can be accessed through Union Mission after intake and assessment by a case manager.
Phone: 912-236-1755
Address: 120 Fahm St. Savannah GA 31401

Savannah Area Behavioral Health Collaborative
Nonprofit entity that holds DHR contracts for Chatham County adult mental health and substance abuse. It also provides limited developmental disabilities services, primarily for those with dual diagnosis.

Mental Health -

Phone: 912-351-6688
Address: 42 & 44 Medical Arts Savannah GA 31405

Substance Abuse-

Phone: 912-966-3791
Address: 17 Minis Ave. Garden City GA 31408


Supportive Services for People Experiencing Homelessness

Social Apostolate
Provides food and other assistance for area homeless
Phone: 912-233-1877
Address: 502 East Liberty St Savannah GA 31401

Emmaus House
Soup Kitchen, Day Care Center, Shower, Washer/Dryer. Services provided through United Ministries.
Phone: 912-234-0330
Address: 18 Abercorn St. Savannah GA 31401

Soup Kitchen, Day Care Center, Shower, Washer/Dryer. Services provided through United Ministries.
Phone: 912-234-0330
Address: 18 Abercorn St. Savannah GA 31401

Fair Housing Council
Works to ensure equal housing opportunities regardless of race, religion, gender, age, disability, familial status or national origin. This is carried out through public education on fair housing rights, complaint reception and resolution, advocacy and monitoring of discriminatory housing practices.
Phone: 912-651-3136
Address: 7 Drayton St. Suite 206, Savannah GA 31401

Med Bank
Provides prescription medications for low-income families *restrictions apply.
Phone: 912-356-2898

Wesley Community Center
Promotes the economic, educational and spiritual growth of women, children and youth. Provides recreational and educational programs, day care for children, and support groups for women and families in crisis.
Phone: 912-236-4226
Address: 1601 Drayton St. Savannah GA 31401

ETC of Union Mission
Provides supportive employment services, work and life skills training to the homeless and at-risk population in Savannah. These supportive services include employment readiness training, placement assistance, follow-up services, professional work training and life skills training.
Phone: 912-234-0525

Parent & Child of Union Mission
Strengthens families and children through educational, developmental, and counseling programs.
Phone: 912-238-2777

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